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Call for Resolutions

Resolutions to the Annual Meeting can be submitted by Council, Branches, a group of practicing members or an individual practicing member.  Resolutions submitted from meetings must be accompanied by a motion of endorsement at the meeting.

The submission of resolutions to the Annual Meeting represents one of the most important avenues for direct input available to the membership.  Resolutions provide the opportunity for the membership to give specific direction to the Council to act on a matter of significance.

The subject of a resolution must be within the jurisdiction of the RPNAS.  Resolutions can relate to psychiatric nursing practice, education, administration, research, the profession or the health care system.  A resolution can be declared out of order if there is a conflict with the law, The Act, Bylaws and Regulations, standing rules of order, or if it concerns matters already under study.

Submission Instructions

To submit a resolution, please submit a form with the following fields to the office:

  1. Date
  2. Submitted by
  3. Address
  4. Phone Number
  5. E-mail
  6. Signature
  7. Whereas’ (could be more than one)
  8. Therefore be it resolved that the RPNAS (only one)
  9. Rationale
  10. Mover
  11. Mover Phone Number
  12. Seconder
  13. Seconder Phone Number

Be sure to identify the issue and provide any background information.  Contact the Executive Director for advice regarding whether the resolution is within the objectives and jurisdiction of the RPNAS.

The “whereas” for the resolution should provide a logical rationale for the requested action. The “bet it resolved” clause should be worded so that it can stand alone, without requiring the “whereas.” This clause should state who is to take the action, what the action is to be and to whom the action is directed. Supporting data and rational, including anticipated actions and costs should be attached to the resolution and appropriate sections of The Act and Bylaws should be cited. The name and phone number of the mover and seconder must be included should the legislative committee require additional information.

The deadline to submit resolutions is April 15 of each year. Resolutions submitted after this date are considered late and will be sent to the meeting chair to determine whether it should be discussed at the Annual Meeting.  Resolutions presented at the meeting will only be discussed and will be deferred to the council for consideration and response.

Please submit your resolutions to:

Chair, Legislative Committee
2055 Lorne Street
Regina, SK  S4P 2M4


[email protected]