Registered Psychiatric Nurses, Partnering with People

Guidelines for the Recognition of the Care of a Family Member

If you currently care for a family member, your hours may qualify towards your  eligibility requirements to maintain your license.

Please note:  This is on an exceptional basis only and must be applied for annually. 

  1. The RPNAS may recognize four hours per day to a maximum of 240 hours per year.
  2. Requests for recognition of hours to care for a family member shall be reviewed by the Registration and Membership Committee annually.
  3. The registered psychiatric nurse must demonstrate that they will be maintaining professional liaison with other health care professionals.
  4. Submitted documentation must also include:
    • demonstration of the need for ongoing professional RPN care
    • documented plan of care
    • indication that documentation of client care, including medication and procedures, and consultations will be maintained
    • Two letters verifying the need for ongoing professional RPN care are required from two Health Profession liaisons in the community involved in the client’s ongoing care; most typically this will be a physician and nurse.

Family: A social unit which includes friends and/or relatives who have an on-going, close, structured relationship and who are related by: bloodline, adoption or close association.

Adapted from SRNA material.

Approved by Council