Registered Psychiatric Nurses, Partnering with People

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Guidelines for Acceptable Employment to Maintain Licensure Eligibility

Below are the guidelines approved by council required in order to maintain licensure.  As a member, it is important you read and understand these guidelines.

Hours you have worked caring for a family member may count towards your 1400 hours if you meet the requirements. 

  1. In order to maintain eligibility for licensure a registered psychiatric nurse must:
    1. practise 1400 hours under active licence with the RPNAS in psychiatric nursing activities approved by the association in the five year period immediately preceding date of application for renewal of active status; or,
    2. have graduated from an RPNAS approved program of psychiatric nursing within four years immediately preceding date of application for renewal of active status; or,
    3. successfully complete an re-entry program approved by council within four years immediately preceding date of application for renewal of active status.
    4. successfully complete a baccalareate or master level program approved by Council within four years immediately preceeding date of application for renewal of active status
  2. A registered psychiatric nurse must hold practising status and licensure with the RPNAS to have hours of work in an approved position count towards maintaining eligibility for licensure.
  3. Psychiatric nursing practice in a location outside of Saskatchewan is recognized:
    1. where the Endorsement Agreement applies (British Columbia, Alberta and Manitoba).
    2. where the individual has worked as a registered health worker in a jurisdiction other than those specified in 3 a).
    3. where the individual can provide proof of practise in psychiatric nursing related activities in a jurisdiction other than those specified in 3 a).
  4. The time spent as orientation to a job will be counted.
  5. Job descriptions shall be obtained when necessary to evaluate eligibility of hours.
  6. In calculating eligible hours only actual hours worked will be considered for salaried registered psychiatric nurses employed in areas which are approved by the association. No “on call” or travel time, or leave of any type (vacation, leave of absence, maternity, education, disability) may be calculated as hours worked for each and all employers.
  7. Hours worked as salaried registered psychiatric nurse in positions approved as the practice of psychiatric nursing shall be in one of the following areas of practice: clinical nursing, administration, research, or education. The following criteria will also be considered:Position Descriptions Primary Practice Areas
    • staff – developmentally handicapped
    • manager – forensics
    • supervisor/coordinator – addictions
    • director/assistant – children/adolescents
    • clinical specialist – geriatrics/dementia
    • educator – acute care
    • community worker – home-based care
    • staff development worker – rehabilitation/vocational
    • counsellor/therapist – administration
    • health promotion
    • program evaluation
    • research
  8. Hours worked in the area of health care teaching/counselling positions may also be considered. Actual teaching time plus one (1) hour of preparation for each hour of class teaching. Prior written requests must be made and members will be asked to provide validation of hours which will be assessed by the registrar on an individual basis. Examples of health care teaching/counselling:
    • PART (Professional Assault Response Training)
    • Suicide Prevention/Response
    • CISD (Critical Incident Stress Debriefing)
    • Parenting (STEP)
    • CPR courses
    • First Aid/St. John’s Ambulance/Red Cross Nursing
    • Sexuality
    • Smoking Cessation
    • Self-Help Groups
    • Workshops
  9. Volunteer hours for non-salaried activities may be considered for eligible hours. Prior written requests must be made and member participation will be assessed by the registrar on an individual basis.Examples of recognized volunteer hours include:
    • District, provincial, national health boards, commissions, committees
    • provincial/national professional association activities
    • crisis intervention/counselling for non-profit community agencies
    • health monitoring/counselling for non-profit community agencies (blood pressure clinics, family planning, etc.)
    • camp health care services
  10. Other written requests for recognition will be reviewed by the registrar on an individual basis according to legislation and policies.

Approved by Council