Registered Psychiatric Nurses, Partnering with People

Registration Renewal Form

Guide to submitting your registration form:

  1. Read the form carefully and complete all sections. Forms that are incomplete will be returned. If you have questions while completing the form, please call central office for assistance.
  2. Forms must be submitted, with fees, by the deadline of November 30.  Processing of forms received after the deadline cannot be guaranteed by December 31.
  3. Bylaw VI Section 3 (4) states: Members who have not paid the annual licensing fee and other fees prescribed by council by December 31 shall cease to be members of the association.
  4. Late Fees:Registration Renewal Forms (including those of prepaid members) not received by November 30th will be subject to late and/or reinstatement fees as follows:
    Registrations for Practising Licenses received in Central Office after November 30th but before December 31st will be subject to a late fee of $25.00
    Registrations for Practising Licenses received in Central Office after December 31st will be subject to a fee of 10% of the annual fee
    Registrations for Non Practicing Licenses received after November 30th will be subject to a late fee of $10.00
  5. Continuing Professional Development Record
    1. Do not return the CDP record sheet with your Renewal Form. This sheet is for your own records.
    2. List the appropriate number of CPDs in the space provided on the back of your Renewal Form.
    3. Credits (a minimum of ten) must be from activities you participated in 2013.
    4. Credits cannot be carried over from previous years.
  6. Reporting Hours Worked
    1. To maintain your eligibility as a practicing member you must work in psychiatric nursing activities approved by the association for at least 1400 hours in the five year period immediately preceding the date of application for the year in which licensure is sought.
    2. It is your responsibility to keep a record of your hours worked and report them on your Renewal Form.
    3. Only report actual hours worked. Do not report vacation time, sick time, etc. Over time hours should only be reported as the actual hours worked, not hours paid.
    4. Do not write “Fulltime” in the area provided for reporting hours. You must report actual hours worked.
  7. If your Employer is paying your Renewal Fees, it is your responsibility to ensure that your Renewal Form, along with the fees, has actually been submitted to the association.
  8. If you are enrolled in DPP for this registration year, you will have the ability to “opt-out” for next year by ticking the appropriate box on your registration form.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Central Office:

2055 Lorne St. Regina, SK S4P 2M4
Phone: 306-586-4617
Fax: 306-586-6000


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