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Request for Feedback: Collaborative Decision-Making Framework


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January 10, 2017


Dear Nursing Colleague:


The Saskatchewan Association of Licensed Practical Nurses (SALPN), the Saskatchewan Registered Nurses’ Association (SRNA), and the Registered Psychiatric Nurses Association of Saskatchewan (RPNAS) have been working collaboratively over the last 18 months to develop a document that articulate a provincial decision-making framework for quality nursing practice. To this point, we have also held a small group consultation, and a series of in-person consultations in three locations in the province. It was made clear to us by the attendees at the focus groups that the Collaborative Decision-making Framework document was long overdue.


We invite you to participate in a broad consultation process to provide feedback on the draft document. You may access the document at the following link:


Please submit your feedback by January 24, 2017 at 1600 hours by clicking on this link.

Once feedback has been received by the working group, it will be compiled and decisions will be made on incorporating feedback into the document. Our intent is to have a completed document for release in early 2017. We will advise our memberships of a roll-out plan once the document is completed.


Thank you for considering participating in this process. We look forward to hearing from you.



Helen Bourget, LPN

Donna Marin, RN

Candace Alston, RPN