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RPN Award – In Recognition of Performance in Nursing

Intent of Award

  1. To acknowledge contributions of registered psychiatric nurses to the profession of psychiatric nursing and in specific areas of the profession and community service.
  2. To provide public recognition which will enhance the image of registered psychiatric nurses and the profession.
  3. To inform the public of services and contributions made by registered psychiatric nurses.


The nominee, nominator and seconder must be members in good standing with the Registered Psychiatric Nurses Association of Saskatchewan (RPNAS). (Active Practising or Non-Practising status)


Registered Psychiatric Nurses (RPNs) who have contributed to the profession in one or more of the following ways:

  1. Promoted awareness of mental health and human services.
  2. Contributed in other areas deemed appropriate by nominator/seconder.
  3. Demonstrated leadership within the area of service delivery.
  4. Contributed to the furtherance of Association goals, objectives and activities.
  5. Demonstrated leadership within the professional association.
  6. Developed and/or implemented innovative programs.
  7. Written and published major papers, articles, books, pamphlets that benefit the profession, clients, health care workers and/or the general public.

Application of Criteria

  1. In appraising the qualifications of those nominated, priority shall be given to consistent and exemplary contributions made to psychiatric nursing and the profession.
  2. The award shall be made not more frequently than once in each calendar year.
  3. A maximum of four awards will be given yearly [not exclusive to one award per category]. The selection of the recipient(s) shall be made by a Selection Committee consisting of three registered psychiatric nurses.
  4. Nominations shall be made in one of five categories:
    • psychiatric nursing practice
    • psychiatric nursing education
    • psychiatric nursing administration
    • psychiatric nursing research
    • community service

Regardless of category the established criteria shall apply.

Deadline for Nomination

RPN Award nominations must be submitted no later than April 6th.

Presentation of Award

The RPN Award(s) shall be presented in conjunction with activities organized for the Association’s Annual General Meeting.

Submit Nomination To

Registered Psychiatric Nurses Association of Saskatchewan
2055 Lorne Street
Regina SK S4P 2M4
Telephone: 306-586-4617
Fax: 306-586-6000 

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