Registered Psychiatric Nurses, Partnering with People

Do exam questions have more than one correct answer, and how is the correct answer determined?

A multiple-choice question is constructed so that only someone who has mastered the subject matter will select the correct answer; to that person, only one option will appear to be the correct answer. To
someone who lacks a firm grasp of the subject matter, all options may look plausible.

The exam is the end result of many test development activities that take place throughout a two-year period. Registered psychiatric nurses, clinicians and administrators from across Canada create and
evaluate the exam questions with assistance from ASI test consultants, who ensure that the RPNCE meets the Blueprint guidelines and specifications.

Each question on the exam is supported by two references. Most of these references have been published within the past five years. The purpose of the references is twofold: (1) to indicate that the correct answer within each question has authoritative support from at least two experts in the field and (2) to provide a source for further reading and review. Every attempt has been made to use references that are up-to-date, accessible and accepted within the nursing community.