Registered Psychiatric Nurses, Partnering with People

What is the content of the RPNCE?

The examination has between 230-250 multiple choice questions divided between two books (one book for the morning and one book for the afternoon).  The object is to text entry-level competencies and knowledge.

See the below summary chart:

Competency framework categories and weightings  Psychopathology:                                   25-35%General Medical-Surgical Nursing:             20-30%

Treatment Modalities:                              10-20%

Older Adults:                                           8-17%

Professional and Ethical Practice:               3-12%

Child and Adolescent:                                3-8%

Co-Occurring Conditions:                           3-7%

Examination length and format 230-250 questions (2 books/115-125 questions each)
Item presentation Independent items:                                 55-75%Case-based items:                                  25-45%
Cognitive level Knowledge/Comprehension:                      Maximum of 20%Application:                                            55-75%Critical Thinking:                                     15-35%
Patient age Examination questions will reflect health situations relevant to all phases of life.
Culture Questions included measure awareness, sensitivity and respect for different cultural values, beliefs and practices, without introducing stereotypes.
Diversity In the development of the RPNCE, the patient is viewed holistically. The patient health situations presented reflect a cross-section of health problems, mental health problems and mental illnesses.
Work environment It is recognized that psychiatric nursing is practised in a variety of settings. For the purposes of this exam, the health-care environment is specified only when it is required for clarity or in order to provide guidance to the examinee.