Registered Psychiatric Nurses, Partnering with People

SRNA, SALPN, RPNAS Joint Statement

October 6, 2014

Saskatchewan’s nursing regulators wish to make a public expression of commitment to the principles of collaborative practice and team-based care in our health care system.

Our organizations have been meeting and have re-affirmed our commitment to continue working together to clarify nursing roles and enable all nurses to work to their full scope of practice. Every nurse is valuable, and every nurse is key to our efforts to provide patient-centred care to all Saskatchewan residents.

As nursing regulators, SRNA, SALPN and RPNAS have developed guiding principles for determining the appropriate nursing care professional. We have agreed to use these principles as a framework to guide the process for ensuring that the right professional provides care to the right client at the right time.

SALPN continues to review relevant resource based information to inform ongoing dialogue with the SRNA and RPNAS regarding a select group of services currently provided by some licensed practical nurses in Saskatchewan. SALPN will continue to collaborate with the other nursing regulators and the Ministry of Health regarding the draft bylaws.

We are committed to this continuing collaboration, so that all Saskatchewan nurses can provide the best possible care to the patients we serve.


Karen Eisler

Lynsay Nair

Robert Allen

Joint Regulatory Letter FINAL - Oct 3-2014