The Registered Psychiatric Nurses Association of Saskatchewan regulates psychiatric nursing as a distinct profession. As a professional association, RPNAS regulates the registration and licensing of psychiatric nurses in Saskatchewan. The RPNAS also sets and maintains the standards for RPNs, evaluates and approves education programs, presides over disciplinary and peer review processes, and promotes ongoing development and awareness of the profession.

With input from the public and membership, the RPNAS speaks on behalf of the public and registered psychiatric nurses to influence the decision making process in health care planning and policy development at various levels. The RPNAS seeks to stimulate and guide the continuing development of the psychiatric nursing profession and enhance public awareness of the specialized contribution of RPNs in health care and other related fields.

The Registered Psychiatric Nurses Association of Saskatchewan is governed by a 10-member Council, consisting of a President, President-elect, seven Members-at-Large and one public representative. RPNAS has a staff of three people, including an Executive Director, Registrar and Office Manager


The Distinct Profession of Psychiatric Nursing is a valued partner in the continuum of health care with competent members who promote and support mental health, hope and recovery.


The mission of the Registered Psychiatric Nurses Association of Saskatchewan is to provide Saskatchewan People with competent psychiatric nursing.

The mission involves the achievement of the following ends:

  1. Ensuring the supply of competent Registered Psychiatric Nurses
  2. Protecting the public through regulation
  3. Continual development of a body of knowledge
  4. Developing practice opportunities
  5. Advocating for quality integrated mental health services and policy


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Public Protection – Licensure, Peer Review, Standards of Practice
Member Competence – EducationCPD, Recognized PN Practice
Accountability – Public, Members
Compliance – ActBylawsCode of Ethics