The Special Education Fund was established to provide funding to RPNs attending or presenting at professional conferences, workshops, etc. 

The purpose of the fund is:

  • To promote the Registered Psychiatric Nurses Association of Saskatchewan and the Profession of Psychiatric Nursing;
  • To improve and expand the skills and expertise of Registered Psychiatric Nurses;
  • To promote skills in Best Practice areas.

The criteria and requirements of members for receiving funding are as follows:

  1. A limit of $300.00 for any one RPN in a three-year period;
  2. An RPN who receives, for example, $100 to attend a conference would be eligible to apply for an additional $200 within the three-year period.
  3. Funding provided to the RPN from additional sources must be disclosed and will be considered when reviewing applications.
  4. All applicants must hold a current Active Practicing License with the RPNAS;
  5. Prior to approval of funding, applicants must provide RPNAS with the following:
    1. A copy of the completed registration form for the conference/workshop, etc.;
    2. Copy of the outline or brochure, time frame and length of event;
    3. Details of any additional funding received;
    4. Completed RPNAS Special Education Fund application.
  6. Upon completion of the conference/workshop, applicants must, within 30 days, provide the RPNAS with the following:
    1. A copy of the receipt from the hosting body;
    2. A short, one-page summary of the workshop or event attended and permission to publish the summary in the RPNews or RPNAS website.

Prior approval of funding may be obtained but funds cannot be released until completion of the event and the RPNAS is provided with a receipt and the summary of the event.

Whether seeking prior approval or submitting applications for funding after the event, all documentation must be submitted within 30 days of completion of the event.

The annual budgeted amount for the Special Education Fund will be distributed on a quarterly basis to ensure funding is available throughout the year.  Therefore, members should get their applications in as soon as possible and also,  if funding is not available for an event they have applied for, due to a high demand for sponsorship at that time, we encourage them to make application if a suitable event arises later in the year.

Each application will be weighed against the Purpose outlined above.

Click here to download the Special Education Fund Application Form