Registered Psychiatric Nurses, Partnering with People

Other Publications

Listed below are various other publications, some of which may or may not have been used by RPNAS but are directly related to the profession.

Nursing in Collaborative Environments

Today’s health care environment requires providers of health services to increase their ability to deliver safe and effective care that is both accessible and affordable. Doing so means ensuring that health human resources in general, and nursing human resources in particular, are used in a collaborative manner that maximizes their utilization and is in keeping with their applicable scope of […]

The Mental Health Services Regulations

  This document is Chapter M-13.1 Reg 1 (effective April 1, 1986) of the Mental Health Services Act, as amended by Saskatchewan Regulations 53/95 and 103/97. Because of the size of this document, a pdf is displayed below.  You can also click here to download the file. 

Report on Patient/Client Safety in Mental Heath Settings

For the past two years, Registered Psychiatric Nurses in British Columbia have identified patient/client safety as the number one professional practice concern in mental health practice  settings. While it is recognized that patient/client safety is a major issue in all areas of nursing,  Registered Psychiatric Nurses in particular, encounter situations with mental health populations  that […]

Maternal Mental Health Article (November 2010)

        The MotherFirst Working Group was created following a Regina conference “Unmasking Postpartum Depression” in the fall of 2009. The goal was to address the issue of inconsistent identification and treatment of women with maternal mental health problems in our province. The group brings together interdisciplinary stakeholders, including major professional health associations, […]

Submission to the Senate Committee on Social Affairs Science and Technology

Mental health/illness issues that affect Canadians can no longer be ignored or minimized within Canadian health systems. It is long past the time for ‘closing the gap’ between general health services and mental health services. Canadians believe that persons with disabilities should enjoy the benefits of full citizenship. This is not the case for a […]

Guide to the Mental Health Services Act

January 20, 2016 The Government of Saskatchewan released a guide to The Mental Health Services Act. The guide has two purposes: making The Mental Health Services Act more understandable and promoting consistent interpretation of the Act so that people who need involuntary mental health treatment receive help in a lawful, responsible and respectful manner. View […]

Endorsed by RPNAS Council: RN Specialty Practices

The RPNAS Council endorsed the RN Speciality Practices: RN Guidelines document in June 2017. This document can be used for RPNs until such a time that RPNAS has developed an independent document. Click here to view the document.

Guidelines for Independent Practice

Click on the image below for the Guidelines for RPNs in Independent Practice approved in December 2017.

Registered Psychiatric Nurse Entry-Level Competencies

In 2013, the Registered Psychiatric Nurse Regulators of Canada (RPNRC), formerly the Registered Psychiatric Nurses of Canada, launched a pan-Canadian initiative with funding from the Government of Canada. The aim of the initiative was to improve the mobility and assessment of Canadian and internationally educated Registered Psychiatric Nurses (RPNs). Currently in Canada, the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, […]