Registered Psychiatric Nurses, Partnering with People

Continuing Professional Development for RPNs

The RPNAS believes that continuing professional development (CPD) is critical to maintaining professional competency and reducing obsolescence. Beginning in the year 2000, continuing professional development will be one of the determining requirements for continued licensing eligibility of registered psychiatric nurses in Saskatchewan.

The RPNAS recognizes continuing professional development as a component of psychiatric nursing education. The association’s position statement on Psychiatric Nursing Education states, “the model for psychiatric nursing education should provide diploma entry level, refresher, continuing professional development and post-diploma opportunities.” Historically, psychiatric nursing education (diploma entry level and refresher) have been used to control entry into the profession of psychiatric nursing.

The RPNAS does not assume that a fixed body of knowledge and skills, once mastered, will serve a psychiatric nurse for his/her professional career. Rather, the RPNAS believes that new knowledge and skills in psychiatric nursing are continually developed, and therefore, ongoing education should continue throughout the psychiatric nurse’s professional career.

Approved by Council
March 1995