Registration Information for Internationally Educated Psychiatric Nurses

Important Notice: National Nursing  Assessment Service

The Registered Psychiatric Nurses Association of Saskatchewan will stop accepting IEN  applications on August 11, 2014.

Applications received after August 11, 2014 will be returned to the IEN.

Effective August 12th 2014, in order to apply to be a nurse in Canada, all internationally educated nurse (IEN) applicants will require documents and credentials  to be submitted to and verified by the National Nursing Assessment Service (NNAS).

Effective August 12, 2014, all internationally educated nurses who want to register with the RPNAS must first apply directly through the National Nursing Assessment Service (NNAS), a national online application service developed by the nursing regulatory bodies across Canada.

NNAS will be the mandatory first step for any internationally educated nurse (IEN) applicant who:

  • is a graduate of a nursing education program outside of Canada; and
  • is not currently registered to practice as a nurse any where within Canada as a Registered Nurse (RN), Licenced Practical Nurse (LPN), or Registered Psychiatric Nurse (RPN).

Visit for more information.

The National Nursing Assessment Service (NNAS) is a non-profit organization comprised of the 22 member boards of all licensed practical nurse (LPN), registered nurse (RN), and registered psychiatric nurse (RPN) regulatory bodies in Canada, with the exception of Quebec and the Territories.

Once all documents have been received and an assessment of international credentials is complete, applicants will be notified by the NNAS. Those applicants who wish to practice as an RPN in Saskatchewan may then apply to the Registered Psychiatric Nurses Association of Saskatchewan (RPNAS) to complete the assessment for eligibility.

What does this mean to international applicants?

One single point of contact for IEN applicants wishing to practice in any province in Canada (excluding Quebec) will streamline the online application process.  The centralized credential assessment process will allow applicants to:

  • Complete an application online and to pay for an initial assessment online
  • Send documents to one central location only
  • Access a 1-800 customer care telephone number with service in English or French
  • Track the status of applications online through the NNAS website

What if an international applicant has already submitted an application to the RPNAS?

If the RPNAS has received a paid application from an IEN applicant, the applicant will continue to be assessed under the current process. This will apply to all paid applications received up to and including August 11, 2014.

What if an international applicant has submitted an application to the RPNAS without paying the application fee?

Any IEN applications that have been received by the RPNAS previously, without the application fees paid will have to start the process through the NNAS, without exception.

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