Moving to computer-based testing: Questions and answers

Why is this change happening?
Moving to computer-based testing modernizes the delivery of the RPNCE and increases accessibility for exam writers.

Will the October 2021 and January 2022 RPNCE writings be impacted by this change?
No. The October 2021 and January 2022 RPNCE will be offered in the current pencil-and-paper method in a single location per province.

Will all provinces in Canada be moving to a computer-based RPNCE?
Yes. RPN regulators in B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba are working collaboratively and the changes will be consistent from province to province. 

Will the exam change to computer-adaptive testing like the NCLEX-RN?
No. The content of the exam will continue to be multiple choice and questions will follow the existing test blueprint. Exam writers will just answer the questions on a computer rather than using a pencil and paper.  

Where will the testing centres be located?
The list of testing centres is still being finalized and will be shared at a later date. Every effort is being made to ensure that there are multiple testing centres available in each province.

Will it still be possible to apply for accommodations once the exam shifts to computer-based testing?
Yes. Applicants will continue to request accommodations from RPNAS. If approved, the accommodations will be available the chosen testing centre.

I’m about to graduate from my RPN program. Do I still apply to the RPN regulatory body in my province of study to write the exam?
Yes. You will continue to apply to write the exam through the regulatory body.  Once we have determined your eligibility to write the exam, you will be able to schedule to write the exam in available testing centres across Canada.

Will online proctoring be offered as an option for writing the RPNCE
Not at this time. Online proctoring may be considered as a method to deliver the RPNCE in the future.