Call For Nominations

The RPNAS Nominations Committee is seeking RPN members to fill the following positions on RPNAS Council:
Member-at-Large: Two (2) vacancies

Any practicing member of the Association may be elected as a member of the council with the following exceptions:

  • Employees of the Association or those employed by the RPNAS in the previous three years
  • Elected officers shall not hold the same office for more than three consecutive terms
  • Practicing members residing and working outside of Saskatchewan may not hold elected office
  • A member who has held the office of President is not eligible to run for any Council position until at least three years have elapsed since the end of the member’s most recent term of office as President
  • A member who is the subject in Saskatchewan, another province, or foreign jurisdiction, of a pending hearing, or hearing underway, that could result in the member’s entitlement to practice a profession in Saskatchewan, or that other province or foreign jurisdiction, being cancelled, revoked or suspended for any reason

Terms of Office:
The term of office for the President-Elect shall be a two year term and the President-Elect succeeds to the office of the President for an additional two year term.
The term of office for Members-at-Large shall be two years and shall begin at the close of the annual meeting immediately following the election process

Council Member Expectations:
It is an expectation that all council members attend all council meetings and the AGM. In addition, supplemental council meetings, held by video conference, will be required from time to time. The scheduled council meetings are:
Sept 23 & 24
Dec 3

Mar 4
May 11, 12 & 13
Sept 15 &16
Dec 2

The role of Council member is a leadership position and RPNAS Council’s work focuses on upholding the legislative mandate of protection of the public.

The President-Elect position, which will ascend to the presidency, requires strong leadership skills along with a sound understanding of governance processes. In addition to attending the scheduled council meetings there is a requirement to be available for key stakeholder meetings, which typically take place during business hours, Monday-Friday.

For more information on Council position requirements please contact the RPNAS office.

Next Steps:

  1. Complete the nomination form by clicking the link below
  2. Ensure nomination consent is signed by the nominee
  3. Submit the form by March 12, 2021
Click here for nomination form

Please direct your questions to 306-586-4617 ext. 802 or
send an e-mail to 

All nomination must be received in writing by the chairperson of the nomination committee. 

Send Completed Nomination Forms to:

If you are dropping the form off in person or wish to send by mail, please contact the office at 306-586-4617 ext 802 to receive the address, as we will be moving during this time.

*All Nominations must be complete, signed and received in writing by the deadline of March 12, 2021. Late or incomplete submissions will not be accepted.