CLP Member Requirements

RPNAS Career-long Learning Program Member Requirements

The RPNAS CLP is reflective and cyclical, much like the nursing process. The annual CLP requirement involves engagement in one reflective cycle related to continuing the member’s learning and deepening their psychiatric nursing competence. Learning can be formal or informal and the psychiatric nurse may change and adjust their learning goal as needed throughout the year.

The Reflective Practice Review Form is designed to help psychiatric nurses plan and engage in meaningful learning and to apply this learning in their practice. The reflective practice review form is designed to be a living document that members use throughout the year to document their engagement with continual education.

Participation in learning that relates to their psychiatric nursing competencies, standards, and ethics is mandatory for all GPNs and RPNs who hold a practicing license.

Each renewal year, members are required to declare their compliance with the CLP in the online application for registration renewal.

Members will not be required to submit the CLP Reflective Review Form or any documents at renewal. Members are required to retain the Reflective Review Form/documentation of their CLP participation for five (5) years in case they are selected for annual review.

Verification of participation in the CLP
Members are required to complete and retain documentation of their engagement with the CLP for five (5) years in the case they are selected for annual verification.