Where do I enter my reflective review for submission to the RPNAS?

Members will no longer enter their continuing education into the RPNAS database. They will be responsible for downloading the reflective review form on an annual basis, completing the form, and personally saving their documentation for five years in case they are selected for verification. They will declare their compliance with the CLP upon registration renewal.

What happens if I do not declare participation in the CLP on the registration renewal form?

Member applications for registration renewal cannot be processed if all registration requirements are not met. This may cause delays in the member’s registration renewal or may cause the member to be ineligible to renew their license.

Members must be sure to allow enough time to complete the CLP prior to the registration renewal period.

What will happen if I do not participate in the CLP?

If members do not complete the CLP requirements, they will not be authorized to practice psychiatric nursing and cannot work as a psychiatric nurse in Saskatchewan.

If I am selected to submit my documents as part of the verification process, do I submit my self-assessment with my reflective practice review?

No. Members’ self-assessment is confidential and for the member’s personal use. Members will not be asked to submit it to the RPNAS. We do require that members take the time to carefully consider the standards and/or self-assessment questions on the guide and apply them in a meaningful way to their practice.

Engagement in self-assessment will be demonstrated by the member’s documentation of at least one learning goal each year that relates to their practice setting and the standards of psychiatric nursing practice as well as their reflection on that learning.

Could my learning goal(s) change?

Yes, it is possible that a member’s learning goal(s) might change throughout the registration year. This might happen if the member changes practice settings or there is a change in their environment. If this happens, the member can note this change on the reflective review and provide a brief rationale for the change. Members must still complete all required elements of the CLP based on their revised goal(s).

I have completed a continuing competence/continuing education program in another jurisdiction or for another regulated profession this year. Do I need to participation in RPNAS’ CLP?

Yes. However, members who are registered with other professions or in other jurisdictions may be able to use parts or all of their existing learning if their learning relates to the psychiatric nursing standards, is applicable to their practice, and was done within the relevant registration year.

Connect with us at if you maintain more than one professional registration and want to discuss your options.

I have had a break away from practice and I have not been licensed. How do I complete the CLP?

Members who are returning to practice after time away will need to reflect on their past and future psychiatric nursing practice, identify anticipated learning needs within the practice setting they are returning to, and complete learning that addresses these learning needs.

Please connect with us at to discuss the CLP requirements for your individual situation should you have any questions.

I am a new graduate. Do I have to participate in the CLP?

Yes. When becoming licensed as an RPN or GPN, members will begin participating in the CLP.

I am retiring from my job and planning to work casual after retirement. Do I need to participate in the CLP?

Yes. Every member is required to participate in the CLP if they hold a practicing license, regardless of employment status or the number of hours they work each year.